Ship Management

We offer an extensive range of solutions, from the acquisition of new boats to the support and maintenance of these units to ensure their smooth operation.

Thanks to the extensive experience of our collaborators, their constant training and degree of commitment, we have also succeeded in meeting the needs of our customers, generating a great impact in the maritime sector.


Through important alliances with shipyards and foreign companies specialized in the Naval sector, we offer technical advice specialized in all stages of the process that represents the acquisition of a ship, from design and construction, financial, legal and administrative support, up to transportation and final delivery to the customer.

In addition to this and committed to the quality of our services, we have the support of important companies qualified to carry out the control and monitoring of their naval projects in the shipyards, ensuring the fulfillment of the different activities that comprise the construction process: planning, inspection, On-site monitoring, control and correction.

Support, maintenance and technical support

In its determination to maintain quality service and in support of the maritime sector, our Naval Management has the appropriate infrastructure and equipment, in addition to a trained personnel with a great experience in the execution and supervision of preventive and corrective maintenance tasks.

Marine equipment and supplies acquisition

We provide our clients with logistical support for the acquisition of marine equipment and supplies of well-known brands, guaranteeing availability and timely delivery, in products such as:

  • Navigation Devices
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Electrical and electronic components
  • Work of Sailor and towing, among others